[ardour-dev] latest CVS commit

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Wed Jul 28 10:45:19 PDT 2004

    * optimization flags patch from rob holland
    * drag-n-drop onto the editor track area where there is no track
         creates an appropriate track (or multiple, if appropriate)
    * URL-decode drag-n-dropped filenames
    * numlock can no longer mess up region dragging
         - if numlock generates whatever "Meta" is supposed to be
	   then Ardour changes its notion of what Meta is.
	 - if you see a warning about this in the terminal at
	   startup, you should fix your keyboard map using xmodmap
	   or equivalent
    * remove debugging output from process() tree
    * removed VST audiomaster callback debugging output
    * UI for VST plugins now offers presets
    * VST plugins now save and restore their state
         - "chunk"-using plugins are not yet supported
    * initial tempo and meter markers cannot be moved, even after

    * libardour: 0.825.0
      ardour/gtk: 0.526.0

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