[ardour-dev] CVS commit

Jan Depner eviltwin69 at cableone.net
Sun Jul 18 08:23:25 PDT 2004


	I just hit a problem with automation that appears to be a showstopper
(at least for me).  I may just be doing something wrong though.  I was
trying to run Ardour->JAMin->Ardour and I had gain automation on a
couple of tracks.  Unless I'm missing something it appears that
automation doesn't work when you have a track rec enabled.  It works
fine for playback.  Running Ardour->JAMin->Ardour or even mixing down to
two tracks is a major PITA without automation.  Is this a bug or am I
just completely missing the boat here?


On Sun, 2004-07-18 at 09:56, Jesse Chappell wrote:
> * made jack timebase master option ignored if sync is not JACK.
>    now looping and varispeed is allowed at the proper times
> * made default comboboxes for master and control out channel
>    be stereo in new session dialog 
> * fix use of auto-connect to master track outputs option on new
>   session (so it is actually possible :)
> * fixed region list's Embed Audio function to actually embed instead
>   of import
> * cleaned up duplicate and add route dialogs a bit
> * fixed missing include in recent_sessions.cc (algorithm)
> * libardour: 0.823.3   gtk/ardour: 0.524.2
> jlc
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