[ardour-dev] Music Interaction Patterns

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Jul 12 15:02:34 PDT 2004

William Brandt hat gesagt: // William Brandt wrote:

> I've created 17 patterns that record the type of behaviors one would
> expect to find in programs like Sonar, Pro Tools, etc. 

Very interesting stuff you've collected. One gripe I do have, though:
The collection's title is talking about "musical applications" when in
fact it only deals with a very special kind of "musical application",
namly the one manifest in Ardour, Sonar and Protools but not in
Max/MSP, Reactor or Pd, which use quite different patterns, while
still being musical. 

The main difference might be, that Reactor or Pd don't deal with a
timeline or a directed(!) arrangement of smaller pieces at all, but
instead deal with states and how to modify them. 

Maybe you could make the actual focus of the pattern site a bit more

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