[ardour-dev] Temporal offset on track/send/bus combination

Linium intent at netpratique.fr
Mon Jul 12 08:31:58 PDT 2004


First and foremost i would have been happy to find some more accurate elements 
concerning this problem. Unfortunatly it's not the case.  :(

So, i have a few projects where i rapidly noticed that rythmic tracks were 
unsynced despite their visual alignment.

At first i suspected some plugin delay compensation problem, so i removed all. 

But after a little cleaning, the problem is still there.

The problem typically occurs when several track share a bus. This seems 
creating an important delay, may be 200 ms or so.

I notice that disconnecting the outputs of a track then re-putting the same 
outs, suffices to cure for the session the problem. But it will re-appears at 
the next loading.

Another thing is that when i hit "play" the sound starts, then pauses a little 
while, then starts again, may be related ?
I use ardour 0.9beta18 currently.


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