[ardour-dev] freewheel question

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Wed Feb 18 13:40:23 PST 2004

R Parker wrote on Wed, 18-Feb-2004:

 > Is freeze freewheel? I probably misread something that
 > led me to assume it is. What is freeze?
 > It makes sense to me that freeze could be the output
 > of a track with inline processing recorded to a new
 > track. Enabling you to shut down resource consuming
 > plugins or  meet channel count limitations at a mixer,
 > etc.

That's the idea, yes.
Freeze is not freewheel.  Currently it is basically "bounce track
(with plugins and automation) to disk, then disable plugins".   Unfreeze restores
the track and playlist to the original state with plugins blaring.
In the future,  freeze might also optionally lock the track too.

 > If a correct freewheel graph is Ardour -> JAMin ->
 > Ardour, what are the steps for making this happen? I
 > poked around but failed to figure out freeze.
The way to get freewheel is to Export Session (or selection).
You want to make a stereo bus that has Jamin outs connected to its
inputs, and make sure to disable the panner (middle-click on it) so the
meters show the proper levels.  Then Export, choose your format,
and choose the outputs of that new bus as the Left and Right for
the export.  That should work.  Although i've never tried it with
jamin in the loop.


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