[ardour-dev] freewheel question

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 18 13:28:16 PST 2004


If Ardour -> JAMin | Ardour-Export-To-File is
freewheel then this should produce the mastered result
to the named file. This does not work but it is a
useful scenario.

I have mixed an Ardour session and am running a stereo
mix to JAMin. The mix is mastered, I am ready to
create the mastered file.

I do not want to open another application, destructive
wave editor, or record the JAMin output back into
Ardour. I want the speed of freewheel and the time and
computational resource savings of export to a named
file. Recording back to Ardour or another application
is unecessary because all mixing and mastering are
complete and the head and tail regions are trimmed.

I tried Ardour -> JAMin | Ardour-freeze on a track
that has the JAMin outputs set to its inputs. No luck.

Is freeze freewheel? I probably misread something that
led me to assume it is. What is freeze?

If a correct freewheel graph is Ardour -> JAMin ->
Ardour, what are the steps for making this happen? I
poked around but failed to figure out freeze.

It makes sense to me that freeze could be the output
of a track with inline processing recorded to a new
track. Enabling you to shut down resource consuming
plugins or  meet channel count limitations at a mixer,

Ardour/GTK: 0.446.0 libardour: 0.724.0
jackd 0.94.0


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