[ardour-dev] Session causes Ardour to Crash

Christopher K. George ckg at YaleSDA.org
Fri Dec 31 07:01:05 PST 2004

T'other day I needed to do some work on a very old ardour session.  It
wouldn't load and (since it was simple) so I created a new session and
imported(copy) the audio from the old session.  Aside from a few forgotten
glitches I got this to work and proceded with mixing and such.

As I was nearly completed with my simple mix ardour suddenly shut down and
disappeared.  A message like "ardour exiting" was the only thing it said
pertaining to the crash.  qjackctl recorded one xrun and that was it.  

When I restarted ardour and tried to load the session ardour would instantly
crash again.  This time with a segmentation fault.

I have attached the offending session file but have not determined what is
causing the crash yet.  Any hints?

Christopher George

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