[ardour-dev] MMC Troubles...

Christopher K. George ckg at YaleSDA.org
Thu Dec 30 21:28:28 PST 2004

I'm using a MCS-3800 control surface from JLCooper with ardour 0.9beta22 and
have been able to get some MMC stuff working, but some not.  I have been able
to bind faders and without trouble.  Both send and feedback work.  The shuttle
works, play, stop, ff, rw, etc. work, but here are some hitches I've run across.

1.  <CTRL><Right Click> does not start the binding process for mute, solo, rec
enable, or pan.

2.  <CTRL><Middle Click> on mute, solo, rec enable, or pan brings up a dialog
that says [INFO]: No MIDI port specified - external control disabled.

3. Using shuttle, jog, rw, ff, stop, play, etc. causes control bindings to
fail.  I can no longer bind faders or utilize old bindings.  This always
happens as far as I can tell..

4. The Shuttle causes ardour to play forward or backward appropriatley up to a
certain speed (perhaps about half the play speed) then, when the shuttle is
turned beyond a certain point, ardour ff or rewinds extremely fast.  

5. The MCS-3800 has the ability to send a signal when a fader is touched. 
This should enable the touch mode in ardour, but I don't know how to do this.
 Also, if I have the touch command enabled (I've turned it off for the time
being) then when I try to bind a fader, the fader in ardour is bound to the
touch command rather than the command to adjust the fader position.

I'm excited about how MMC is coming along.

Christopher George

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