[ardour-dev] cd info patch

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Tue Dec 21 12:01:57 PST 2004

 > treat ranges as cd track markers when exporting to toc/cue files
 > treat markers as track indexes when exporting toc/cue files
Nick, after doing a TOC export when i used marker style only,
the final track in the TOC had a bogusly large length (way past
the end of the exported file).

I still think that there should be a standalone menu option to just
regenerate a CUE/TOC, and not the whole file.  This option could
be a checkbox in the export dialog "Generate CD Marker File Only (no audio)"
if that made more sense.  This is helpful for debugging *and*
for rearranging track boundaries (especially when they are extended
with arbitrary track numbering).


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