[ardour-dev] mixdown woes

Christian Schumann schumann at physik.uni-kl.de
Tue Dec 14 02:26:08 PST 2004


since I'm kond of new to reporting bugs, I just wanted to discuss the
strange occurences I had last night while mixing. Perhaps these are
known problems and workarounds exist. If not, I'll enter them into

So here they come:

jackd 0.99.24
ardour/gtk 0.541.0
libardour 0.845.0

  If I destroy all regions in a track, set the playhead to start,
  rec-enable this track and click on the rec button, ardour crashes.
  This is reproducable.

  while mixdown (recording master->extra stereo track), using plugins
  (SC1, TAP Reverb, TAB EQ, Tim Goetzes' tube preamp, jamin 0.9.17),
  everything works ok. But when I press stop to finish the recording,
  jackd shows thousands of xruns or crashes completely.

  on exporting the session, ardour crashes if jack sync is enabled.


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