[ardour-dev] Two jack servers? (One internal to Ardour)

Michael Iber lists at iberspace.de
Sun Dec 12 15:07:15 PST 2004

Rui Nuno Capela schrieb:

>This is being planned. Along with new audio meter and MIDI event
>monitoring features, which imply that qjackctl will be itself present as
>yes another connecting client, I was planning to add the option to
>show/hide itself from the connections list. I guess this option may be
>extendeded to any other arbitrary client.
>Now accepting UI suggestions/ideas on how to implement just that :)
Great, wouldn't it make sense to implement the UI  as a table or matrix,
 the ins being the rows and the outs the columns, where you could select 
single cells, maybe even with a mouse drawing function?


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