[ardour-dev] A couple of small items

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Sun Dec 5 11:22:49 PST 2004

>   Frankly I hadn't noticed that this was the case, but if I had I
>think I would have found it annoying also.
>   Does anyone else find it annoying that there isn't any mute
>automation? I use this a lot in Pro Tools. After recording multiple
>takes I'll often take one verse fromone and another verse from
>another. Mute automation helps do this.

all that is needed for mute automation is a way of drawing bi-state
automation. i don't have that worked out yet. you have to draw two
points per control point (one for the on level, one for the off
level), which makes the editing model totally differerent.

everything else is in place to support it.


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