[ardour-dev] disappearing meters & plugins

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Sat Dec 4 06:18:48 PST 2004


  I built and installed the nightly CVS tarball from two days ago. When 
I opened the session for "Talkin bout the Weather" I discovered that all 
my plugins had disappeared and that all the channel strip level meters 
were gone too. All my connections were wiped out. It's not the worst 
that can happen, I still have all the tracks and the display shows 
everything in order. I'm sure I can rebuild the session, but I'm having 
trouble restoring the connections. IIRC, Joe Hartly had a similar 
problem, but I didn't find a fix posted anywhere. If anyone has a good 
way to simply get this session back in shape, please advise. Like I 
said, it's not a critical issue, but I would like to rebuild the 
original layout if that's possible.

  I suspect the new plugin code caught me...

  Also, I'm still getting error messages when I try to send MTC (ye olde 
"quarter-frames not allowed" messages). I assume MTC Send is still on 
the drawing board ?



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