[ardour-dev] latest CVS commit

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Thu Dec 2 11:30:18 PST 2004

   * JACK sync is mostly working again
   * new, not necessarily improved Route::_reset_plugin_counts()
        (still a work in progress, debug output generated)
   * fix for crashing bug when deleting a plugin-based redirect
   * every use of the %f specification is now
       bracketed by enforced use of the POSIX
       locale (for libardour; GUI is still 100%
   * main transport clocks shown meter+tempo in BBT mode
	 * CD markers+CaD TOC/CUE patch from Nick Mainsbridge
   * all connections to Session signals made by editor
       are dropped when session is closed (avoids
       title bar being reset to show session name)

   * libardour:  0.840.0
     ardour/gtk: 0.540.0

This is a preparation for Ardour 0.9beta23. Reports on JACK sync
highly sought ...


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