[ardour-dev] UI improvement suggestions.

George Vergis g_vergis at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 27 09:57:50 PDT 2004

I have a couple of suggestions on the UI. All of these
are low priority and can wait till 1.0. If some of
these functionality already exist, and I haven't
discovered it, please point me to how this can be
accomplished. Hopefully this is the right forum and
method to make this proposal.

1) Ardour application always starts with the file
open/create dialog window (This is a new feature on
the newer relases). Most of the time the user is
returning to an existing session, than creating a new
projects. Therefore, could this behavior be made
optional through the options editor or just plain
removed, as the user can initiate a new session from
the [file, new] menu. 

Ideally it would be nice to have three options,
assuming people still value the existing file
open/create dialog on startup model. The three options
proposed are... A) Always load the last session, with
the latest snapshot (Latest snapshot, established
during program exit).In the event the user is done
with the current session, and it is no longer
available (archived/removed from the machine), the
program would quietly resort to option C (Blank
B) Always prompt the user for file open/create dialog
box (current model, which I do not favor). 
C) Load no session files. With option C, program may
load the default template, awaiting user action
(haven't thought through the default model much -- Did
ardour have this model some time ago?). Anyway, the
user can choose any of the above behavior through the
options editor. 

2) Ability to delete/rename takes through regions/name
window. Right clicking the mouse over the regions/name
window pane should allow delete/move/manage any takes.
I realize you can delete the last take through the
edit menu, this proposal gives a parallel approach,
which is more visual, intuitive and allows deletion of
any previous 'n' takes. While considering this
approach, it would also be nice to integrate remove
unused resources/flush waste basket from the edit
window, putting all of the associated functions in one
place, through the right click context menu in this
pane. It would also be nice to have a waste basket
pane, or an icon, into which one can drag any take,
region. The waste basket can eventually be flushed or
restored by right clicking on it (like the file system
delete/undelete option on some operating systems we
know of -:))

3) The default Wave format should be .wav Wave file. I
thought this was fixed some time ago. Apparenlty I
still see Broadcast wave format as the default in the
options editor box.

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