[ardour-dev] plugin routing (bug?)

Tom Szilagyi st444 at hszk.bme.hu
Thu Apr 8 09:35:13 PDT 2004

Thanks a lot for the bugfixes, Ardour now starts up fine.  The new
faders and plugin GUIs are really cool, i especially like the new
drop-down lists (thanks Taybin!) :)

However, i discovered something i don't understand: If i put a mono
(1in/1out) ladspa plugin on a mono track panned somewhere in the mix
(ie. the track output is routed to master/in1 and master/in2, as
usual) then only the left side is processed, the right side plays as
if there was no plugin. 

There is no such problem with stereo (2in/2out) plugins.


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