[ardour-dev] midi++ bug?

nick mainsbridge beatroot at optushome.com.au
Wed Apr 7 22:29:59 PDT 2004

whilst reading through bits of libmidi++, i noticed that
Parser::midi_event_type_name in midiparser.cc looks a bit inconsistent.
namely, "stop" and "continue" seem to be transposed (lines 92-96).
here's a patch just in case its actually a bug.
my apologies if this is just me misunderstanding the code.
nick mainsbridge <beatroot at optushome.com.au>
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--- ../../../Desktop/ardour/libs/midi++/midiparser.cc	Mon Feb 23 10:04:01 2004
+++ midiparser.cc	Thu Apr  8 15:12:58 2004
@@ -90,10 +90,10 @@
 		return "start";
 	case MIDI::stop:
-		return "continue";
+		return "stop";
 	case MIDI::contineu:
-		return "stop";
+		return "continue";
 	case active:
 		return "active sense";

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