[ardour-dev] CVS Commit

Taybin Rutkin taybin at earthlink.net
Sat Apr 3 04:46:52 PST 2004

In no particular order:

Changed a bunch of "endl"s to "endmsg"s.

ExportDialog saves Track information.  It doesn't restore it yet though.

LibraryUI now has theme hook: SoundFileSelectorNotebook

PluginSelector has Category tab.  Doesn't display anything yet.  Will fix it soon.  Just wanted to get my changes out.

LADSPA Presets are now saved in RDF format in ~/.ladspa/rdf/ardour-presets.n3.  Ardour will also read any other RDF files saved in that location.

LRDF enumerations are displayed in a combo box in the PluginUI.

Updated gtk-ardour Russian translation and added new libardour Russian translation.

Recent Sessions dialog doesn't display sessions that have been deleted.

Trying to sample a file in the AudioLibrary that has been moved or deleted won't crash.

Various GUI details and code cleanups.

liblrdf-0.3.7 is required for these changes.

libardour = 0.736.0
gtk-ardour = 0.462.0


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