[ardour-dev] cvs commit

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Fri Apr 2 07:10:08 PST 2004

 * Added exclusive solo operation (ctrl-alt click on solo button)
  which sets that track to be the only soloed track.  it has a
  momentary counterpart (ctrl-alt middle-click) which temporarily
  exclusively solos the track while the mouse button is pressed.
  BTW, middle-clicking mute buttons is momentary mute as well.

 * Better implemented the momentary mute and solo operations so that
   the previous state is restored on mouse-release.

 * Added seamless looping.  this can be enabled in the options editor
(misc tab).  why is this an option you ask?  well, our current
looping scheme simply does a transport reposition at the end of the
loop, and while completely sample accurate, there can be a time gap
between the end of the loop and the beginning.  This happens due to
the slow-sync jack transport system, to allow all clients to
reposition in sync (including ardour).   However, if you need truly
seamless looping with no gap, you can enable this option which will do
it within ardour only -- you must disable ardour as the jack
transport/time master for it to work. In the near future, the Jack
transport system may acquire a notion of looping, and at that time,
seamless may be used at any time.

Note that for full compatibility with other transport aware apps, the
normal (non-seamless) looping with ardour as jack transport master is
required and is still quite usable, so don't be discouraged from using it.

* found and fixed several bugs while implementing seamless looping

* made the horizontal scrollbar be a standard one

* included new fader pixmaps from ryan (precursor to new theme)

* minor loop adjustment tweaks, and range marker fixes

* libardour: 0.735.0  gtk/ardour: 0.461.0


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