[Ardour-Users] Alternative income source?

Wayne DePrince Jr. waynedpj at ingiro.xyz
Thu May 6 07:33:23 PDT 2021

On Wed, 2021-05-05 at 14:49 +0200, Jörn Nettingsmeier wrote:
> On 5/4/21 6:54 PM, Wayne DePrince Jr. wrote:
> > another obvious option is cryptocurrency though that has its own 
> > complexities ;)
> Like any true nerd, I'm fascinated by idea of cryptocurrencies in
> principle.
> But to be sourcing my groceries from community-supported agriculture
> in 
> my city, only for the payments to then have the equivalent carbon 
> footprint of asparagus imported from Peru by spaceship is odd, to
> say 
> the least.

	agree 100% and that is why i have not started using them.  it
seemed like this was and is still largely ignored with the mania
surrounding crypto.  however i did not want to get even more off-topic
with that tangent when posting here.  regardless i should have
mentioned it so thanks for the reminder.

	fortunately there seems to be some recognition of this serious
issue, with Ethereum's forthcoming ETH2 being one of the most well-
known answers


however there are also many cryptos that do not use PoW and all its
energy consumption, including those based on distributed ledgers. 
Hedera https://hedera.com/ probably has the biggest backers, but there
are others like https://obyte.org/ and https://holochain.org/ .  of
course being sustainable is all relative and i need to take a better
look at these more "eco-friendly" efforts as well .. also when talking
about most tech it is not so easy to call anything very eco-friendly ;)

	but again thanks for the note about the impact of the crypto
boom: IMHO it should be included every time that it is mentioned ..
even though i did not here ;)

peace, w

> Please don't make me switch to Pro Tools because it is greener than 
> Ardour. Lately, AVID seem to be allowing their customers to recycle 
> their converters between minor updates, so they are catching on to
> the 
> idea :-D

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