[Ardour-Users] FaderPort v2 Bugs

cellofellow ardour at jgardner.tech
Fri May 21 20:32:55 PDT 2021

I tried to make a report in tracker.ardour.org but I was unable to
create an account, never received the login email.

I just got a FaderPort v2 yesterday and attempting to use it has been
very buggy. Switching state of the control knob fails often. Scroll
(NavKnob) worked like once and now consistently crashes Ardour.

rgareus on IRC helped me to get a stack trace (attached) and made a
minor patch by removing the call to abort() at libs/surfaces/faderport8/faderport8.cc:652
which means it didn't crash when turning the NavKnob. (attached as a git patch)

Even so, it's very buggy doesn't work in any satisfactory sort of way.
The pan knob will only move the pan a percent or two and then stop
working. The channel knob will switch tracks once in a while.

  - 6.6 Arch Linux (no stack trace)
  - 6.7 master d703079f10 (stack trace)

FaderPort firmware: v3.44
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