[Ardour-Users] Request for help testing before 6.7 release

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Tue May 11 10:46:11 PDT 2021

As mentioned elsewhere
<https://discourse.ardour.org/t/last-call-for-ardour-6-7/105763/14> we’re
getting read to release version 6.7, which will be the last version
compatible with older platforms: Windows (XP), macOS (Snow Leopard) and
Linux systems built with gcc4.

Things are just about ready to go, but there have been some fairly radical
changes in the last week to some parts of the code. We’re already fairly
confident that things are still working correctly, but we’d appreciate some
more testing - this will be the last version for these old platforms and it
would be nice to make sure it’s as solid as we can make it.

So please consider downloading from the nightly website
<https://nightly.ardour.org/> and give that version a spin with whatever
your workflow tends to be. We’re particularly interested in making sure
that all aspects of transport control are working correctly. That includes
syncing with LTC and MTC/MMC and JACK Transport.

Positive feedback will be as valuable here as negative. We’re not looking
for reports on new bugs per se (though those are always welcome over on the
bug tracker <https://tracker.ardour.org/> ). We’d just like to be sure that
none of the recent changes have broken stuff before we move on towards the

Remember that you can parallel install builds from ardour.org with each
other, and with any Linux-distro provided versions of the program. They
will not interfere with each other.


Ardour team
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