[Ardour-Users] PipeWire [was: Web Audio API with Ardour]

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Thu Dec 30 09:50:29 PST 2021

On 12/30/21 6:17 PM, m.eik michalke wrote:
> hi,
> Am Mittwoch, 29. Dezember 2021, 19:22:52 CET schrieb Paul Davis:
>>    2) use the new Linux audio PipeWire system
> i've read a lot of interesting stuff about PipeWire. is someone here already 
> using it for production with ardour?

Many users who use it for testing[1], but it is not ready for production
yet. There are still bug reports coming in regularly. Pipewire devs
usually fix them within a few days, so best use PW/git.

Last I tried, latency was not announced correctly. Overdubs did not
align, and export alignment was likewise affected. But PW is moving
fast, so best check for yourselves.


[1] search http://discourse.ardour.org which mostly superseded this mailman.

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