[Ardour-Users] Web Audio API with Ardour

Johnny NC johnwunder at cox.net
Wed Dec 29 08:09:47 PST 2021

I have written a ‘live’ lightshow driven by the music I’m playing. I’d like to be able to record with Ardour and flow the music through to my web page https://johnnywunder.info/SmokingOnThePorch/liveTheMusic.html but with Ardour up it never flows. I’m using Ubuntu Studio with Jack with a Mackie Onyx USB Producer.
I’m relatively new to Ardour either recording or the lightshow work fine separately. I’ve played with many setting but can’t see to get Ardour to stop exclusively grabbing the audio.
Is it possible and if so what do I need to change?
Thanks…Stay Well,

A backwater kind of guy.

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