[Ardour-Users] Ardour as a midi timecode slave

robertlazarski robertlazarski at gmail.com
Mon Apr 19 10:51:16 PDT 2021

Hello again. Back in 2018 I received some help regarding linear timecode
(LTC). I've used Ardour for pre-production since and on various forums I
have often recommended it.

Also in 2018 I created a YouTube channel for my "live in the studio" videos
via 3 Tentacle Sync LTC audio feeds into 3 Zoom Q8 cameras and a Zoom F8

My day job is programming and I ended up creating the videos automatically
with less than 1000 lines of bash code that invokes ltcdump and FFMPEG.


The disadvantage of my workflow is that it lacks easy overdubs - in my case
just one shot samples and triggering MIDI sequencers on and off for some
short audio.

I have an idea for using Ardour to skip the need for overdubs by triggering
during the performance for sample playback and short midi sequences.

This may or may not make sense - can Ardour help my use case?

1) An Ambient NanoLockit unit is the master sending midi timecode (MTC)
starting at 00:00:00:00, going into Linux via a m-audio Uno. I may convert
the LTC from the Zoom F8 BNC out to MTC via an MOTU unit instead.

2) At exactly the 2 minute mark and 5 minute timecode mark(just an example)
, a one shot sample is triggered from Ardour indicating the performance
start and finish.

3) During the performance, at exactly the 3 and 4 minute timecode marks
some type of Linux sequencer is started. 10 seconds later it is stopped.

Thanks for reading!
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