[Ardour-Users] Ardour 6.3 / Linux(Ubuntu) / Lexicon Omega

Harry Rueter h.rueter at gmx.net
Thu Oct 29 09:22:31 PDT 2020

Hi Anhata, hi Bronek :-)

I looked into the online specifications:

--- snip ---

Unlike standard computer I/O boxes based on a patch bay concept,

the Lexicon Omega Studio is designed and built around the same paradigm
as large-format recording consoles.

An 8-input, 4-Bus, 2-output USB I/O mixer with inserts, instrument input,

MIDI I/O and complete metering and monitoring functions gives you the
freedom to record up to 4 tracks at once

and mix without the need for additional mixing hardware.

--- snip --
4 tracks at once, yes, that,s what i remembered

This means - in my opinion - if capture_1 and capture_2
define the 4 inputs i can get from the lexicon it's two channels are
mapped to left/right

As Bronek wrote inhis answer :

--- snip ---
For 4-channel capture on a single track, I suggest:
File > Add Track, Bus or VCA ... [Ctrl + Shift + N] > select Audio Tracks
... in the Configuration panel look for "Configuration" dropdown and
select "4 Channel"
--- snip ---

So, ist this "the trick" ?

I define each track (which i want record as a mono-track, my mikes are mono)
as a 4-channel-track and then i assign capture_1 L/R capture_2 to 4
different audio-in (inputs)

Or general: if i have 4-stereo-inputs for a hardware-device
i always have to start a track as 8-channel-track,  because that's the
only way, to have free access to all hardware-inputs ?

Best regards

Am 29.10.20 um 16:55 schrieb Anahata:
> On Thu, Oct 29, 2020 at 04:31:03PM +0100, Harry Rueter wrote:
>> - Do i have to involve jack nowadays ?
> No, Ardour does not need Jack. It can use ALSA for the sound interface.
> It can also use Jack, but the only reason to do so would be if you need
> to use an external audio processing program that only uses Jack for its
> I/O.
>> shouldn't there be capture_3 and capture_4 too ?
> It looks like the Omega has 8 inputs, so you should see capture 1 to
> capture 8. You can assign any capture input to any channel, but the
> default is channel number = capture number, or consecutive numbers
> assigned to a stereo channel as you are seeing.
> Maybe using ALSA directly instead of Jack will make all the inputs
> visible.

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