[Ardour-Users] little constraints in version 6.x

Susanne Schneider suseguitar at mailbox.org
Sat Nov 28 04:11:27 PST 2020


just a litte question: does anyone know if there's a way to revert back 
to 5.12 for Projects born within 6.x ?

I'm asking because my workflow suffers a bit in 6.x...

in 6.3 I have to fight against timeline adjustments of recorded 
furthermore doing some editing within stereotracks causes sudden 
misallignment between left and right (might be only optical but stops 
I need to close and reopen project to continue the work.

Version 6.5 refuses to fit (exceeds) to my laptop available screenspace 
(1920x1080 + Gkrellm, KDE), pressing twice the "fit" button (don't know 
the correct name) in the right upper corner of the KDE-window solves the 
issue but Ardour does not remember the adjustment.
(Decrease of gui-scaling is not an option - I still love to be able to 
read the text without magnificationglass)

furthermore the lv2-guis die when moved to a neighbour virtual workspace 
- an issue that is new in 6.5...

ok, as I said, just a litte question... :-)


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