[Ardour-Users] Ardour 6.0-pre1 now available for testing

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Fri Mar 27 08:17:10 PDT 2020

On 3/27/20 2:51 PM, Paul Winkler wrote:
> That reminds me.
> What is the oldest version of session format that Ardour 6 can read?
> I have some old backups from version 2.x

Hi Paul,

Ardour 6 will load and convert sessions from v2 (and a backup of the
session file is automatically made).

I've done some recent tests loading Mixbus 2.5 sessions and was
surprised how well that worked. There are however no guarantees that it
will sound the same as the original v2 mix.

If you want to do a re-mix all is fine: The overall session (edits,
playlists, mixer routing, levels, plugins etc) is retained.

However custom cross-fades were removed in v3. In v5 the polarity invert
processor was moved after send-returns. In Ardour 6 also plugin
automation is now latency compensated. Not to mention removal of
countless bugs (panners,..) since v2 which may change old mixes.


PS. If you come across some v2 session that does not load cleanly,
please open a bug report at tracker.ardour.org

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