[Ardour-Users] Audio files imported with an extra gap that doesn't exist on disk

James Harkins jamshark70 at zoho.com
Sat Mar 28 02:14:57 PDT 2020


I'm attaching a screenshot of an audio file that is importing incorrectly into Ardour 5.12.0.

When I open the file in Audacity, I can see that the sound is trimmed to the beginning of the file. No gap.

When I import exactly the same file into Ardour (I've verified the path -- they are read from the same location), Ardour has automagically inserted a gap at the beginning of the file. This gap has no relationship with the project tempo or with any other feature of the audio file.

Can anyone explain why this is happening? My general expectation of importing an audio file into a DAW is that the file will be *exactly the same* in the DAW as on disk. I have never seen this behavior before, in any software.

Multiple attempts to import the file get the same result (even after removing unused from the editor list).

I have imported other files into this project with no gap.

I had trimmed the file carefully so that it events would be metrically aligned with the Ardour project's tempo. The gap destroys metrical alignment, so then I have to redo the work that I had already done elsewhere.

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