[Ardour-Users] regions

Alistair MacDonald A.MacDonald at rcs.ac.uk
Mon Jun 8 08:59:19 PDT 2020


I’m new to Ardour (though a long time Pro Tools user) and working my way through the beginners tutorial and online manual. There’s lots of great stuff here and it’s mostly making sense but the one thing that confuses me is the way the region list adds a new copy of a region simply because I duplicate it. Apologies if I’m missing something simple.

Let’s say I import a sound and chop it into regions, naming them clap, hit, crash, bang. If I then make a rhythmic pattern, every hit, clap etc. would have a unique name in the regions list, very quickly making it impossible to navigate. (hit.1 hit.2 hit.3 hit.4…. crash.1 crash.2)

I can see why, if I trimmed one instance of the region it would need a new name (it would be different), but otherwise, why would I choose clap.23 instead of clap.1 or clap.99?

I’m not sure why I would need to know where each individual but identical region was. It isn’t something I’ve ever considered before.
Is there a way of just showing me the original region name? Hiding the others in a folder?
Or should export all of my edited short hits and re-import them and just use the sources list?

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