[Ardour-Users] Cannot create thread for TaskList! (Resource temporarily unavailable)

Gunter Königsmann gunter at peterpall.de
Sun Jun 7 23:13:35 PDT 2020

On 08.06.20 07:01, Paul Davis wrote:
> This is a known issue:
> https://tracker.ardour.org/view.php?id=8200
> It may also be fixed in the nightlies. Note that it only seems to
> affect a few (perhaps only 1) Linux distribution.

I am always impressed that you manage to support such a wide range of
operating systems: Each MacOs Version, Windows service pack and Linux
distribution tends to be differ in important (and sometimes quite big)

In my case (debian-testing/Ubuntu 20.10 preview) the nightly build
doesn't resolve the problem. But as a 2nd thought that might be a bug in
my distries that might be resolved before they end up in an official

Is there anything I can help debugging to see if this is the case?

Kind regards,


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