[Ardour-Users] using ardour on multiple locations

m.eik michalke m at reaktanz.de
Thu Mar 14 16:04:13 PDT 2019

hi again,

i have a rather "stretched" workflow, due to the fact that our rehearsal space 
and small studio is some hundreds kilometers away from where i live. i 
therefore need to work on our recording projects on multiple machines -- at 
least the recording PC in the studio and my PC at home, sometimes also my 

to achieve this, we're running our own seafile server[1] to sync all PCs (we 
actually buried ~100m of ethernet cable in the garden between two houses to be 
able to upload from the cellar). this usually works pretty well and also 
creates backups of our projects as a side effect.

but it also shows some details of ardour that you would probably never notice 
if you're only running it on one PC. e.g., it seems to be impossible to just 
open a project and close it again without changing files. it's not just the 
instant.xml that is updated even if you quit ardour explicitly without saving, 
but usually also hundreds(!) of peak files.

so, one question i have: it feels like ardour is refreshing/recreating those 
peak files anyway while opening the project. what purpose is there to keep 
them in the first place? couldn't those be created as temporary files (symlink 
to a tempdir) during opening and left out of the project completely?

the other problem we're facing is with the handling of MIDI soundfonts. it is 
generally a great idea to use symlinks instad of copies, expecially with large 
banks. but symlinks can get lost or break during file transfer; in our case, 
seafile replaces them with actual copies of the full files on all but the PC 
where the soundfont was first used in a project. wouldn't it be possible to 
store the references to those files in a single MIDI config file per project 
instead of doing this on the file system level (which also means taking care 
of different file systems)? currently, if one of the files linked to is 
renamed or removed, the symlink is broken as well, so i see no advantage of 
having that.

and last but not least, is it possible to dump the MIDI instruments used in a 
project? if shit hits the fan, i'd be glad to have a human readable file 
listing all tracks with the MIDI instruments defined, so i could manually 
recreate them. i'd actually like to have such a file created/updated each time 
i save a snapshot, so changes don't get lost.

viele grüße :: m.eik

[1] https://www.seafile.com/en/home/
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