[Ardour-Users] jackd --sync

Giso Grimm gg3137 at vegri.net
Sun Aug 18 23:41:44 PDT 2019

On 18.08.19 22:11, jonetsu wrote:
> Hello,
> From time immemorial I always copy/pasted the same jackd command line.
> And basically never questioned much about the other params except the
> three last one which I've adjusted.
> /usr/bin/jackd --sync -P80 -ndefault -dalsa -dhw:M1010LT -r44100 -p512
> -n8
> This is about:
> jackd   5   
> jackd2  1.9.12~dfsg-2
> My question is, what is the purpose of the --sync option ?

with --sync, jack2 behaves the same way as jack1 in the way of
scheduling the clients (no parallel graphs, but one block less
processing delay).

The --sync is important when extreme low delay processing matters -
without the flag, jack2 uses three buffers even when set to two.

This was recently discussed on the jack-dev list ("What about the number
of buffers?").


> Cheers.
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