[Ardour-Users] Slice marks makes noise

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Mon Oct 29 23:24:22 PDT 2018

On Mon, 29 Oct 2018 14:19:02 +0100, Adriano Petrosillo wrote:
>real world fades are usually quite long (because you don't need them
>to be short, as in, a dozen or two of samples).

For many real world audio tasks I migrated to proprietary software. It
for example could be very pleasant to cut several WAVs at the same
location, to just reduce the level of a part of those WAVs, by
selecting the cut parts individual or all together and reducing the
level by moving the mouse.

You might say, that instead of the cuts, you better should use the
fader automation of each individual track or to make them a group and to
use the fader automation of the group to adjust the levels.

Now just imagine that all the WAVs already belong to tracks that belong
to different groups for good reasons and you can't make them a group or
the cuts are at different locations in the time line.

You want inaudible short fades, that short, that they aren't noticeable
(resp. minimal noticeable, if you SOLO listen to a track) e.g. even in
the middle of a hold chord. Neither a noticeable click, nor a
noticeable fade is tolerable.

Also imagine you want to get that without using a preferences menu, to
chose the way the WAV cut works, without the need to add tracks to a
group, if it should be possible and to use automation. You just want to
spend 3 seconds of intuitive editing and than continuing making music.

Don't get me wrong, Ardour is a tool for many real world audio tasks,
too, but not for the kind of music, that needs a lot of creative
editing. This usually is a combination of MIDI and audio recordings and
Ardour anyway isn't an appropriate tool for most kinds of MIDI

However, cutting WAVs most of the times is possible without getting an
audible click and with nearly inaudible short fades, at least when using
one or the other proprietary software. I don't know how this works under
the hood.

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