[Ardour-Users] Slice marks makes noise

anahata anahata at treewind.co.uk
Sat Oct 27 14:44:59 PDT 2018

On Sat, Oct 27, 2018 at 05:28:39PM -0400, jonetsu wrote:

> If there's already a mechanism to lessen the impact of slices,
> disabling it does not seem to be a good thing.

It lessens the impact in this particular and unusual case, which is a 
sine wave. 
For many joins of actual music when editing, a short fade make *less* of a 
click than an instantaneous switch.

> The bottom line would be, never slice in the middle of an
> instrument (violin) playing solo because that will leave a mark.

That's generally a good principle for any kind of edit. If you moved the
slice to the transition from one note to another it might be less
audible. Also in general avoid slicing at all unless you really want an edit 
at that point...

> In this case it was to copy a part of the region to another audio
> track, eg. to mult.
Why not copy the whole region, then pull the start and end edges of the
copied region to encompass the part you wanted? No slicing required.

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