[Ardour-Users] Current best method for multi-band compression within Ardour?

Brent Busby brent at keycorner.org
Mon Nov 19 08:57:39 PST 2018

Being that this thread has been mostly talking about Calf's multiband
compressor, would there be any similar concensus about the quality of
their other plugins?  I use them quite a lot and they've worked pretty
well for me.  Partially it's a UI thing; I've found that so many Linux
plugins have sliders that offer a linear response when it should be
logarithmic or sometimes vice versa, putting most of the useful control
of the slider in a very narrow range of its on-screen length, and making
it very hard to adjust with a mouse.  (This seems to have been a common
problem with LADSPA v1 plugins, at least for me.)  The Calf LV2 plugins
seem to at least get that right.

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