[Ardour-Users] s-key split shortcut

. m u r m e r . murmer at murmerings.com
Fri Mar 9 02:35:29 PST 2018

On 2018.03.07 14:54 , Seablade - wrote:
> Just to be sure, this is with the build of Ardour from the ardour.org 
> <http://ardour.org> website correct?


> I think I have a Mac Mini running that OS I can see if I can replicate 
> on, but might be a few days.

no rush :)

> Can you still change your edit point and mouse mode when this happens?  

i'll have to wait for it to happen again to be certain, but i believe 
that, yes, i can still change them in their respective dropdown lists, 
but no change brings my hand-with-a-line cursor back or restores the 
s-key behaviour.

> What happens if you leave the appropriate edit point and mouse mode, and 
> then return them to where they were with no restart etc.?

return them to where they were when? not sure i quite follow that one. 
explain to me again, and i'll test next time it happens.

when this happens, the edit point and mouse mode do not change 
themselves, they stay where they are (grab and mouse), but the cursor 
line disappears and 's' no longer splits. it always seems to happen out 
of the blue - as in, i'll be editing away, usually in some situation 
where i'm making lots of splits and moving lots of things around, and 
all of a sudden i'll hit 's' and nothing happens. then double take, then 
's' again, then check points and modes, then realise it's happened 
again, quit, restart, back to normal.



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