[Ardour-Users] s-key split shortcut

. m u r m e r . murmer at murmerings.com
Fri Mar 9 02:25:12 PST 2018

On 2018.03.07 14:01 , Seablade - wrote:
>     i can confirm that this is still true, at least when 'mouse' is selected
>     as the edit point. i've just checked, and indeed, if 'playhead' or
>     'marker' are selected, the region must be active.
> Well that is strange, sounds like a bug to me in that case.  Playhead 
> and Marker are the modes I am MORE likely to use the 'split all' 
> functionality.

i would have thought that it made sense that way - with 'mouse' 
selected, ardour knows which region you want to split because your mouse 
is hovering over it, whether it's selected or not. with 'playhead' or 
'marker' it can't know which of multiple regions you want to split, 
unless you want to 'split all', as you say. fwiw, i had no idea you 
could split multiple regions that way, i would have assumed you'd still 
have to select the multiple regions first.



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