[Ardour-Users] s-key split shortcut

. m u r m e r . murmer at murmerings.com
Wed Mar 7 02:17:09 PST 2018

ok, well, it's just happened again, first time today, and i can confirm 
that the correct tool (grab) and edit point (mouse) are selected and i 
haven't inadvertently changed them somewhere along the line. i can also 
confirm that the s-key split doesn't work for any other choice of edit 
point either. one observation i can now make is that my cursor has 
changed, from the pointing hand with a line underneath it (that is usual 
when 'mouse' is selected as edit point) to just the pointing hand (as if 
a different edit point were selected).

quitting ardour and relaunching the project restores normal behaviour 
with no other adjustment of settings.


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On 2018.03.07 09:48 , . m u r m e r . wrote:
> On 2018.03.06 23:03 , Seablade - wrote:
>> It shouldn't depend on a region being selected, at least previously if 
>> no region was selected it would apply to anything under the edit point.
> i can confirm that this is still true, at least when 'mouse' is selected 
> as the edit point. i've just checked, and indeed, if 'playhead' or 
> 'marker' are selected, the region must be active.
>> Although I suppose it is good to ask at this point if you haven't 
>> changed the edit point on accident and it is working just with a 
>> different point in time than you expect.
> i'm pretty sure this is not happening, as i should then find a bunch of 
> unexpected splits elsewhere in the project afterwards, but that will be 
> the first thing i check the next time. i know i always confirm i've got 
> the right tool, but i may have missed an accidental edit point switch. 
> it was happening all day yesterday, but of course now today, everything 
> is working fine, so i can't test... :P
> is there a hotkey i could be hitting unawares to switch between edit 
> points?
> best,
> patrick


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