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Thanks to everyone all for the additional search tips! I admit, Antoine is a high bar to strive for but he always pulls off that huge sound. Here's another good example that seems to be the same configuration: https://youtu.be/icvVYAMd3yY .

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 So you want to sound like Antoine DuFour?  :-)

 So in that video (if the mics are there for anything but show) it looks
like the two condensors are set up in a Blumlein, which is a very cool
stereo miking technique. He has a pickup in the guitar but who knows if
he uses that for anything but performances.

 If he is using it there's going to be phase issues because that signal
is going to arrive at the interface before the miked signals and you'll
need to move the regions around.

 I have actually been a fan of Antoine's for a long time, and have seen
most of his videos, and I am not sure his mic placement is where I would
put them, but with recording, there is plenty of room for experimentation.

 Another stereo miking technique I use all the time on acoustics is the
X/Y with a small and large condenser.

 If you google X/Y and Blumlein I am sure youtube will show you all
sorts of examples of people using these techniques. One caveat is the
blumlein requires two mics that can do the Figure 8 pattern. In an ideal
world they should be the same model mic. I bought a pair of nice
condensers specifically for this.

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