[Ardour-Users] A few suggestions...

Thomas Mulot thomas at zankapfel.org
Thu Jun 14 13:37:15 PDT 2018

Am 11.06.2018 um 15:19 schrieb Paul Davis:
> On Mon, Jun 11, 2018 at 8:49 AM, Cameron AS <thecamcordernest at gmx.co.uk>
> wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I've been studying music production for the last couple of years (using a
>> college laptop with Windows and Cubase on) and the course is now
>> approaching its end. I was also recently persuaded to switch to Linux (as a
>> result of a hard drive failure) and I've been surprised by just how much I
>> enjoy using it compared to Windows. That being said, there was always one
>> teething issue I had with Linux: it's lack of support for music production
>> software!
>> But then I found Ardour, so thank you for fixing that issue in a
>> feature-packed and professional way! If it wasn't for Ardour, I would still
>> be using Windows!
>> I just have a few feature suggestions:
>> 1: It would be very handy if keyboard shortcuts assigned to actions could
>> appear next to them in context menus and buttons, as I opened the keyboard
>> shorcuts window and found many shortcuts I didn't even know existed! If
>> it's too hard to program, don't worry about it, but it would make finding a
>> faster way to work much easier.
> We can't do it in buttons (at least, not easily). I think that it ought to
> work for context menus but for some reason does not. Might be worth looking
> into.

+1 from me. Key Commands in the Menues would be great.

Btw. I remapped the Tab Key to switch between Mixer and Editor (As in
Ableton) and the ^ to "Cancel Solo". That and Space, q, w, a are what I
use the most.

>> 2: To edit MiDi files, I select a MiDi track, then press 'z' to enlarge
>> that track to its maximum setting, before going to the Track Menu > Height
>>> Normal to reset its size. This works very well, but it would be great to
>> be able to skip that last part and simply press 'z' again to reset its size
>> (there could maybe be an option in the Preferences to change the default
>> reset size [small, normal, large...]).
> ​Shift-z​ (visual-undo)


>> 3: There are a lot of options for the grid size in Ardour. So many, in
>> fact, that it can be a bit overwhelming changing the setting. Could you
>> maybe rearrange the grid menu in some way? Maybe even order each type of
>> snap into columns? This isn't very important, but it is just a bit
>> confusing to open the menu and see so many options.
> ​This has been significantly changed in our development code. Probably not
> worth thinking about much till you see the new version.​
>> 4: The automation can be a little difficult to center without resizing the
>> automation panel, so I wondered if there could be an option in the
>> preferences to set each automation point, when it's created, to the top,
>> middle or the bottom of the panel by default?
> ​Not sure why this would be useful ...​
Maybe some kind of snap-feature would be nice. Press Ctrl and your Edit
Point will snap to eg Center (Pan), 0db (Gain), …

Anyway, thank you Paul for listening!


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