[Ardour-Users] Skipped notes with Cabbage Audio plugin

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Sun Jun 3 10:09:41 PDT 2018

Hi Mark,

On 06/03/2018 06:49 PM, Mark Raynsford wrote:
> Is there any thing I can do about this? I mean, "don't use Cabbage
> Audio" is obviously an answer, but not a very good one. :)

And waiting for Ardour6 isn't a much better option either, is it?

Can you confirm that the issue goes away if you remove the plugin's
parameter automation?  Perhaps controlling the plugin using MIDI-CC
instead of ctrl-parameters might be a work-around ?

Can Cabbage export LV2 plugins? If so, there is


you can add this as as lv2:optionalFeature to the .ttl


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