[Ardour-Users] Ardour using a bluetooth headset

Gerhard Zintel gerhard.zintel at web.de
Wed Jan 17 15:19:17 PST 2018

Sorry Chris,

answered to you in private. Here again to the list.

On Wednesday 17 January 2018, Chris Caudle wrote:
> On Wed, January 17, 2018 12:27 pm, Paul Davis wrote:
> > In theory, Ardour or JACK could also open the "default" ALSA device to
> > do the same thing, but they are more demanding of the device, and in
> What about module-pulse-source? My quick investigation suggests that is
> could be possible to start jackd with the dummy backend, let Pulse
> continue to own the audio output, and use pulse-source to route audio from
> jack to pulse.  I got stuck trying to figure out how to tell pulse how to
> route that stream to the output, but the signal meters in pulse seemed to
> indicate that the audio was coming in.

Could this be a solution?

The guy seems to work actively on it. From the Readme:
"This project is a rebirth of a direct integration between Bluez and ALSA. "


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