[Ardour-Users] Ardour using a bluetooth headset

Gunter Königsmann gunter at peterpall.de
Tue Jan 16 11:22:25 PST 2018

Dear all,

If enabling ardour to use bluetooth through alsa isn't much work I would
like to add this as a low-priority item to the TODO list.

Use Case:

Currently I'm sitting in a train, the only headset I have with me is a
bluetooth one.

   mplayer -ao alsa test.mp4

seems to play fine.

I am aware that this headset doesn't qualify itself as "low latency". In
fact this specific one has a quite noticable delay (that somehow mplayer
knows about). But since I only want to cut a few recordings (and I can
view the waveform for determining the exact place to cut at) and want to
listen if they contain the sounds I'd still be happy with bluetooth audio.

Kind regards,


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