[Ardour-Users] Strange situation and bug

Bato bato at sfr.fr
Wed Jan 10 09:16:44 PST 2018

Hi, I'm Thomas, still relatively new to Ardour app, and I have the following problems : 

- First I can't succeed in subscribing to the Bug Tracker (confirmation email supposed to be sent  but not received, and not present in "spams" folder), which obliges me to find a non-straight way to express myself.
- The error is after having used time stretching mode : the volume leveler appearing in Edition mode after having shortened or elongated a region is either shortened in an superior amount compared to the  shortening itself or elongated in a superior amount to the elongation itself (sorry I'm french but hope the way I express myself is not too weird).
- Another less problematic thing is I can't stop a session telling me at load that there are non found files corresponding to used regions...which I can't find myself.


essentialy using OS X 10.6.8 (and El Capitan) on MacBook

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