[Ardour-Users] Ardour and Hydrogen (not) syncing

Alf Haakon Pietruszka Lund alf at mellomrommet.no
Sat Dec 15 13:50:56 PST 2018

On 04.12.2018 21:50, Alf Haakon Pietruszka Lund wrote:

> It turns out if I tell Ardour the song is 4/4 and create new patterns in 
> Hydrogen 'Size 8' and 'Resolution whatever' the programs are counting 
> bars the same way.
> Hydrogen also manages to count correctly if time signature is set to 
> 8/4, so it seems you are spot on that Hydrogen NEED the crotchet to 
> function properly.

Not really. Next time I opened the sessions they were out of sync again 
and so I started playing around with a few ways of settings in Hydrogen, 
that is, setting size 1, size 2 etc all the way to 10. None of them 
helps me understand when the Hydrogen song will be in sync with Ardour.

So I spent some time learning to work with midi tracks and the LV2 AVL 
drumkit. Big thanks to Glen McArthur and Robin Gareus for that one!

Once I get my drum patterns copied over I'll uninstall Hydrogen and 
won't be looking back, though I guess it's still a helpful piece of 
software and it did get me started on several projects.

Now though, I'm allowed to focus all attention on Ardour and will 
continue to get better on this wonderful piece of software. So shoutouts 
to the rest of the Ardour team also!

Regards, al F

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