[Ardour-Users] Ardour and Keyswitched samples (linuxsampler)

Ben Bell bjb-ardour-users at deus.net
Thu Aug 23 11:22:39 PDT 2018

Hi all,

I haven't historically used virtual instruments much but have started
working with classical orchestrations a bit more and clearly sample
libaries are the sensible way to approach this.

Is anyone here using Ardour with keyswitched instruments e.g. orchestral
samples where a set of keys doesn't play a sound but switches between
different banks of sounds, to allow different articulations?

Ideally I'd like to limit the note range for each midi track to the notes
of that particular instrument (e.g. violin) and rather that having to add on
an extra octave or two of pretend notes for articulation switching I'd like
to handle this via something that feels more natural, like automations.

I'm trying to figure things using things like the x42 cc to note plugin
but it strikes me that there's probably people already doing things like
this who have already come up with a workflow that is elegant and efficient.

Any tips or suggestions?


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