[Ardour-Users] USB C Guitar Interface Recommendations?

David Kastrup dak at gnu.org
Thu Aug 23 00:15:42 PDT 2018

"Chris Caudle" <chris at chriscaudle.org> writes:

> On Wed, August 22, 2018 5:11 pm, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
>> When buying an USB audio
>> interface for an iPad, I experienced that it has got an USB current
>> limitation, so some audio devices only work with an USB hub.
> I have not looked at details of currently available USB interfaces, do
> any come with external power connections so that you will not deplete
> the battery of your ipad so quickly?  It seems that any interface
> which supports USB or something else (S/PDIF, or ADAT, or maybe
> Ethernet) must have a power supply.

Is there an inherent reason if you need a power supply anyway that you
don't use the iPad power supply?  I mean, if the "USB current
limitation" hits, "deplete the batter of your iPad" would not get to the
state of an issue anyway, would it?

David Kastrup

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