[Ardour-Users] MacBook Air/Ardour

I. Ivanov iv35pl at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 00:07:14 PDT 2018

> We do publish sha5sum's for the nightly builds, but the vast majority 
> of people wouldn't have any idea how to even check them.
In my opinion - sha sums would be appreciated and a good approach for 
all builds.

I happen to work as a support and the company had to distribute java 
applets (over the web) to OSX users. Needless to say - gatekeeper would 
always complain. However - even if the company would like to sign the 
applets - there is no way to do so.
Detailed explanation here

In my opinion - mac users should grow up (I am not trying to offend 
anybody). I don't think it is realistic everybody to accept what Apple 
proposes (or dictates). At least there is a workaround (they didn't lock 
the system completely). On a long term - it is a matter of choice. And 
each one of us makes such when we buy a computer and install an os on it.

Kudos that Ardour is being developed for many platforms regardless if 
they are proprietary or free.

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