[Ardour-Users] "Extract LTC from audio and align video" menu option missing from "Transcode/Import Video file" popup

Chris Caudle chris at chriscaudle.org
Sat Apr 21 20:00:52 PDT 2018

On Sat, April 21, 2018 2:52 pm, Robin Gareus wrote:
> There should be no need for this [manually transcoding to fixed frame

Robert and I have been going over this publicly on the mailing list for
the last two or three weeks, I tried to put pretty detailed notes of what
I was trying, using Robert's original test video he provided and
artificially generated test files.

The video that Robert captured on a phone was never imported to the
correct location on the timeline, the variable frame rate was the only
thing that stood out to me in the file properties.
The handbrake command line Robert showed as creating a working file does
not appear to do anything other than convert to constant frame rate.

> Did you select "Reference from current location" without transcoding the
> video? and if so, why?

My older messages contain the exact Ardour options selected.  I can look
those up later, time for sleeping in this time zone.

Chris Caudle

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